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At Your Service... Since 1957

Edwards Coaches have provided the people of Armidale with superior long-range coach services, educational and community tours and extensive school bus and local passenger services, since 1957.

To cater for the wide range of today's travellers, we have over 40 buses and 5 star coaches to meet your requirements, 24 hours a day, every day. We do not stop! Edwards Coaches has a modern, well maintained fleet for your comfort & safety. You may be confident that you and yours are being well looked after.

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Hail Driver

All services operating outside the central business district operate as Hail & Ride. Simply stand on the side of the road where it is safe for the bus to stop and hail the bus driver as the bus approaches. Some areas have designated bus stops which can be used.

Disabled Access

Disability Access

Our fleet of modern low-floor air-conditioned city buses are all fully accessible for those with disabilities.



All services continue to operate as per the timetable, and any changes will be promptly posted. Cleaning of the buses has been increased. Please maintain social distancing, and avoid sitting directly behind another passenger. Smart Cards are available which reduce human interaction with the bus driver - highly recommended.

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