Edwards Discount Card

edwards discount card

Edwards now offer the ability for cashless travel using our new discount card. The cards allows you to purchase bus travel up front reducing the need for you to have the right change and making travel less intrusive. There are 3 versions of the card

The Armidale Discount Card
The Uralla Discount Card
The Recharge Card

Both the Armidale and the Uralla Cards take a specific fare from the card. Providing you have credit on the card just swipe your card and go and sit. The system automatically deducts the set fare with a 5% discount. The only time you need to interact with the driver is when you place more credit on you card. Both the Armidale and Uralla Discount card is subject to Terms and Conditions.

The recharge card is more like a credit card. When you get on the bus you tell the driver your destination and you want to pay with the recharge card, then the driver will tell you the fare and deduct that fare from the card along with a discount. Subject to the Terms and Conditions

So what it boils down to is! Are your journeys mainly the same if yes then the Armidale or Uralla card is for you! If you go to different places often then the recharge cards for you.

To start you off
It will cost $10 for any of the cards. Once you purchase the card you can put up to $200 but no less than $20 on the card. Over a whole year you will save money.
Subject to Terms and Conditions

Edwards Coaches Discount and Recharge Card
Terms & Conditions

  1. Edwards Coaches Discount, Armidale and Uralla card is a stored value card for use only on selected Edwards Coaches services. It can not be used as a ETPOS or Credit Card
  2. The Edwards Coaches Discount, Armidale and Uralla card should be handled and stored carefully. Do not bend, place it near a magnetic field or expose it to extreme heat or cold
  3. The Edwards Coaches Discount, Armidale and Uralla card is completely transferable and may be use by others if you lend it to a friend relative or it is lost or stolen
  4. If the card is lost, stolen or damaged so it does not work, there is no recourse and any value you have on the card will be lost.
  5. You can pay for others travelling with you with the card.
  6. The discount from any of the cards is not available to RED or Concession fare holders and Child fares as the fare is already discounted.
  7. Terms and conditions are available on the buses or Edwards Coaches 2 Drew St Armidale 2350
  8. The card can only be accepted providing it has enough available credit for the journey requested.
  9. The Armidale, Uralla and Recharge Card remains the property of Edwards Coaches
  10. Edwards Coaches reserve the right to change the terms and conditions from time to time.
  11. Minimum of $10 deposited to the card to a maximum $200 subject to drivers electronic float storage
  12. Upon purchase of the card $5 is credited on the card. Note: this $5 is not refundable.
  13. There are no refunds on monies deposited on the card.

These terms and condition override any previous terms and conditions as of March 2010.

Brief Outline
The Armidale and Uralla cards are set fare cards only requiring you to swipe upon boarding and a fare is deducted automatically.
The Recharge card requires you to pay for a trip by telling the driver your destination and the fare is deducted from the card's balance.

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Hail Driver

All services operating outside the central business district operate as Hail & Ride. Simply stand on the side of the road where it is safe for the bus to stop and hail the bus driver as the bus approaches. Some areas have designated bus stops which can be used.

Disabled Access

Disabled Access

Our fleet of modern low floor air-conditioned city buses are used extensively on our regular services. Please contact our office before making your travel plans to ensure that one of our step-less entry buses is operating on the route you wish to use.

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